Apprenticeships are structured training programmes undertaken within a working environment. They combine on-the-job learning with off-the-job development of skills and knowledge.

Apprenticeships benefit businesses by providing structured training programmes which meet specific workplace needs, and which are subsidised by the government for the majority of apprentices. Apprentices benefit by gaining real-world experience while earning a wage and using these new skills to provide them with recognised qualifications. This creates a win-win situation for both parties.

Apprenticeships can be taken by anyone aged 16 and above. There is no fixed time frame for the completion of an apprenticeship (although apprenticeships for those aged 16-18 last a minimum of 12 months), but each typically takes between one and four years depending on their involvement and level of difficulty.


What is an ‘Apprenticeship Framework’?

An apprenticeship framework is a definition of requirements for an apprenticeship programme. It is used by training providers, colleges, and employers to ensure that all apprenticeship programmes are delivered consistently and to agreed standards.

Each framework includes details of the qualifications needed to be completed, the key skills targets, and any other requirements of the apprenticeship. Each framework also includes information on job roles, entry routes, length of the apprenticeships and career paths available upon completion.

At Skills Mastery we offer a variety of Intermediate Level 2 Apprenticeships and Advanced Level 3 Apprenticeships for young people aged 16-24. We also have a limited number of places available for adults over 24.


Apprenticeships that we offer;